The Waiting Room

Margarette Evans

Play this record on a dark rainy day, during the winter, or after midnight. It's ethereal and dripping with melancholy, but never lacking in hope. The only way to deal with grief and pain is to go through it, and these songs helped me to do just that.

This record was made a few years ago when I was personally at a low place and feeling alone. I felt somewhat abandoned in my faith, and I was searching for meaning. I wrote about my father's second heart surgery, and a longing to know the Great Creator of the universe better. I explored the loss of a marriage where I felt I had no voice or autonomy, and the anger I felt about all of the above. It's ethereal dream like pop, and it brought me a great deal of healing and strength to write and record these songs. I felt like I was waiting for answers. Some answers I found, and some I had to let go of and learn to be joyful, even when I faced uncertainty. In many ways, I'm still waiting for answers, and that is why I called this record - The Waiting Room.

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