With her haunting melodies and soulful voice, it would be appropriate to describe the songs of Margarette Evans as being perfect mood music for a cool autumn evening. But if you dig deeper, you’ll hear lyrics that carry a message of hope and faith that wouldn’t feel out of place on a spring morning. This is the dichotomy of her art, which has been touching souls for her entire career. 

Although her prowess behind both the microphone and the piano seems effortless, it’s been a labor of love for Margarette from an early age. Too impatient for formal training, she largely taught herself piano using her muse as her guide and sneaking into any place where she could play - even if that meant cutting classes. Later, she studied the recording industry at Middle Tennessee State University, but she found herself unable to get away from writing and performing her own music. Her 2014 release “Waiting Room” was a personal journey for Margarette. It explores a difficult period in her life, and ranges from the melancholy loss of “Lost Without You” to the dreamlike, spiritual optimism of “Sunday Morning”. It is an emotional journey best taken from start to finish. Her upcoming, as yet untitled album is proving to be her most ambitious work to date, with the multi-layered “Captain O Captain” at its emotional center. To hear her work and learn more about Margarette, you can visit the official website at