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Exciting News! 

I will be opening for Charlotte Martin at the Hotel Cafe in Hollywood, CA on September 18th, 2021.  I am beyond excited and nervous.  Charlotte is dangerously brilliant, and I'm honored to have this opportunity.  Tickets are on sale at .  This show will be live streamed, so you can join us from your living room.  There will be several guests.  I really hope to see you there.  It's gonna be a great night.

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Releasing New Music and Hunkering Down 

While quarantine has diminished my teaching load a bit, I am blessed to still be working.  In the moments I get in between my relentless YouTube watching and Facebook perusing, I have managed to release new music.  Big thank you to Skylar Bready for recording and playing guitar on the track.  The reel to reel was real guys.  There's no overdubs, autotune, or any of those luxuries.  Just a cool tape machine, guitar, and a voice (well a little reverb maybe).  By the way, I know we have to release ourselves in order to be free of what is toxic, but sometimes we can 'feel' as if we are in the grip of others.  I hope all of you know, you own and control that lock and key yourself.  You can listen to it on Spotify now.